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Шошина Олеся

Шошина Олеся - многократный победитель олимпиады по биологии, лауреат Международной конференции "Интеллектуал" в г. Саров, выпускница 2013 года, студентка МГУ (биофак)

For the first time I met this wonderful person when I was taking preparatory courses for admission to the Lyceum. At that time I could not imagine that the fate would bind us together for 3 years.

I speak about Natalia Pavlovna Kornienko, an incredible creative teacher of biology and an amazing personality! She started her career in the walls of the Lyceum, continued her studies at Biology Faculty of Kemerovo State University and later began teaching biology.

Her high level of professionalism was recognized, she has been repeatedly awarded with certificates and letters of thanks from the city and regional administration. In 2006, Natalia Pavlovna won the title of "Kuzbass Teacher of the Year". But for us, her pupils, she is certainly the winner in the category “Favorite class teacher”. Her individual attention to students allowed finding the key to the heart of each of us. We are infinitely grateful to her not only for unforgettable lessons in biology, but also for life lessons, for the school of survival during our trips to the Altai, for the lyceum traditions that she transferred to us, and for the Lyceum spirit, which was strengthened a lot with her help.

For me Natalia Pavlovna is an example of a person, who is ready to improve and develop herself throughout all her life. The Latin aphorism «Per aspera ad astra» could be her life motto. Natalia Pavlovna taught us not to be afraid of making mistakes and not to give up in difficult situations. The experience and knowledge that she has been sharing with her pupils are priceless.

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